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Waste Free Ontario & Building A Circular Economy

As a result of the statistics that Ontario continues to generate more and more waste each year (Ontario Government, 2017), the Minister of the Environment has introduced a Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario Building the Circular Economy (Ontario Government, 2017).    A Circular Economy approach aims to look at ‘material streams’ throughout their life cycle and identify ways to improve design of materials, products and business models instead of just ways to eliminate waste from recycling processes as an example (Ontario Government, 2017).

“The Vision for Ontario is to see waste as a resource that can be recovered, reused and reintegrated to achieve the circular economy” (Ontario Government, 2017).

To mark progress the Strategy provides three interim goals ranging from a 30%-80% diversion rate by 2020 and 2050 respectively (Ontario Government, 2017); furthermore it identifies Actions on how it will move towards a Waste-Free Ontario, click here to access the Strategy.



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