The Canadian Association for Surface Finishing (CASF) is the only surface finishing industry association in Canada established to provide support services to its corporate members (electroplaters/surface finishers, suppliers, professional service providers) and individual, educational and individual members. CASF provides a single unified voice for the surface finishing industry across Canada. It is a volunteer-based organization that relies on the participation and experience of finishers, suppliers, educators and decision-makers within the finishing industry to help members and our industry prosper.

Executive Summary

Acting as the Voice of the Industry

As the voice of our members, CASF plays an important advocacy role by working with all levels of government on regulatory and environmental issues related to our industry. One voice, for all surface finishers, suppliers and individuals provides a coordinated approach that ensures the needs of our industry are being met. Our industry is unique and important. It deserves recognition, support and promotion.

Helping Members’ Businesses Succeed

This is achieved through value-added services included in your membership such as networking opportunities and events such as the CASF Conference and Lunch & Learn educational sessions. In addition, CASF engages in marketing programs to promote and provide support services for your business. Social networking and digital media including an exclusive online interactive resource guide for surface finishers are examples of some of the tools used to support your business. is an invaluable finishing resource.

Helping Our Industry Succeed

CASF takes a leadership role in fostering the relationship between our members, the community, and local, provincial and federal levels of government. As a direct link to government, the community, environmental agencies and industry, we help members understand changes that affect our industry and how they will affect your business, promote the need and benefits of the surface finishing industry, and fight for members’ rights.

Our Mission is to Exceed Expectations

  • Increase Representation of Surface Finishing Members Across Canada
  • Engage in Industry Promotion
  • Improve our Public Image