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“PFAS Blueprint” In MN May Be Blueprint For Other States

An article written by Gardella (2021) in the National Law Review on February 10, 2021, states that

“Minnesota announced its “PFAS Blueprint“, a 191 page aggressive plan with its stated goal being to “protect our communities and environment from [PFAS].” The detailed plan sets out a proposal to bolster regulations regarding PFAS through both legislation and agency rulemaking efforts. The PFAS Blueprint lays out ten priority areas of focus for PFAS, and supporting proposed legislative action to accomplish each priority. If carried out in full, or even in part, the impact of the regulations will be felt well beyond Minnesota, as other states that are more aggressively addressing PFAS issues will follow suit. The ripple effects on downstream commerce sectors, including waste management, water utilities, manufacturing and construction, will be enormous.”

CASF will continue to monitor activities occurring in the United States in regard to PFAS and what regulatory decisions are being put in place to address PFAS issues as Gardella (2021) notes that other states are aggressively pursuing legislative and regulatory reforms for PFAS related activities.

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Gardella, J. (2021). “PFAS blueprint” In MN may be blueprint for other states.