Canadian Surface Finishing Industry Economic Impact Study: CASF + Orr & Boss Consulting

Introduction & Background

The Canadian Association for Surface Finishing (CASF) engaged Orr & Boss to conduct an Economic Impact Study of the Canadian Surface Finishing Industry. The study evaluated numerous economic factors and data sets including the size of the surface finishing industry in Canada, jobs created, GDP impact, and taxes generated.

The Surface Finishing Industry was defined as the entire surface finishing market including both Job Finishers and Captive Finishers. Also included were raw material suppliers, professional surface providers, and capital equipment providers since the surface finishing generates economic activity from these sectors as well. The report investigated all types of surface finishing including: Anodizing, Antiquing, Electroplating, Electropolishing, Etching, E-Coating, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Polishing, Powder Coating, Physical Vapor Deposition, and Electroless Finishing.

Summary of Results: