The Canadian Association for Surface Finishing honours someone who has shown leadership, dedication and has made significant contributions over his/her career to the surface finishing industry.

This prestigious award is presented biennially at the CASF Conference.  Our list of award recipients is an extension of the former CAMF Wall of Fame inductees and is given to an individual who has performed outstanding service to the finishing industry.

The 2023 Recipient for Outstanding Leadership in the Surface Finishing Industry is …

Mike Kuntz

Leadership Award for 2023 to Mike Kuntz of Kuntz Electroplating Inc.

2023 Leadership Award presented to Mike Kuntz of Kuntz Electroplating Inc.

Presentation of the CASF Industry Leadership Award underscores a terrific 5th Biennial CASF Golf Tournament held at Deer Creek Golf Club

The camaraderie of the 2023 CASF Golf Tournament continued with Richard Thibodeau of Peerless Custom Rack once again taking master of ceremonies duties. It takes charisma to lead, some don’t know they have it but it’s there in the work ethic if not outright evident. With the dedication of Mike Kuntz (Executive Vice President of Kuntz Electroplating) and Richard Thibodeau they were able to revitalize CASF over a decade ago and be drivers of its success and importance as the voice for our industry when answers are needed to important questions. It was two years ago that Mike presented Richard with the leadership award and 2023 was the year Richard was to present Mike Kuntz as this year’s recipient of the CASF Industry Leadership Award. The decision of who to present this year’s award was an easy one for the CASF board of directors. Mike knows the importance of stepping up for his colleagues and this well-deserved acknowledgement by those who worked closely with him to represent our industry as an sector of importance within the Canadian economy was something the board wanted to present in person. Mike’s speech was humble, gracious and included memories of learning what taking part in CASF would involve from his father, Paul Kuntz. “Stronger Together” is what should drive our work as members of Canada’s surface finishing industry, to meet the moment as we encounter it individually and as part of our businesses.

Past award winners have been among the most dedicated individuals to improving our industry.

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