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Proposed Amendments to Transition Ontario Industrial Facilities from the Federal Output-Based Pricing System to Ontario’s Emissions Performance Standards Program

On December 16, 2020, the Government of Ontario published Proposal for Amendments to transition Ontario industrial facilities from the federal Output-based pricing system to Ontario’s Emission Performance Standard program.

In short, some of the Proposed Details include:

“On September 20, 2020, the federal government accepted Ontario’s emissions performance standards (EPS) program as an alternative to the federal output-based pricing system (OBPS). They agreed that Ontario’s EPS program meets the federal benchmark stringency requirements for the sources of greenhouse gas emissions that it covers.

The EPS program is a key commitment in our Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan. It is an important way we are working to hold polluters accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions while helping us meet our 2030 emissions reduction target. Our program would regulate greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities by setting the standards for lowering emissions that those facilities are required to meet. The EPS considers specific industry and facility conditions while allowing for economic growth.

We continue to wait for a decision from the federal government on a start date for compliance obligations under the EPS program. Based on discussions with the federal government, the options under consideration are for industry to have compliance obligations under the EPS program begin with their 2021 emissions or their 2022 emissions. 

We are working with the federal government to achieve this regulatory alignment.”

You can access full details on ERO 019-2813 here

The comment period is: December 16, 2020 – January 15, 2021 (30 days). Please contact your CASF Regulatory Liaison to discuss any comments/questions related to this Regulatory Proposal.