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A Made in Ontario Environment Plan UPDATE

UPDATE:  Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) New Release dated February 12, 2019 announcing next stage in Environment Plan

“Ontario’s government for the people today announced the next stage in its commitment to protect the environment and fight climate change without imposing a carbon tax. 

In particular, Ontario’s proposed regulatory approach combines emissions reductions standards while recognizing the unique circumstances of Ontario’s economy and its manufacturing sector. These made-in-Ontario emissions standards will consider factors such as trade exposure, competiveness and process emissions. Similar to approved systems in Saskatchewan and Alberta, the proposed approach would set sector or facility-level greenhouse gas emissions performance standards that industrial facilities are required to meet and tie emissions to the level of output or production from these facilities, rather than an absolute cap on emissions for the province. Each industrial facility would be required to demonstrate compliance annually.”

Read full news release here


As per the MECP, EBR 013-4208 Post, the Proposed Plan reflects on the Government of Ontario’s commitment to address challenges in the protection of land, air, water, waste, and help Ontarians reduce GHG emissions and prepare them for Climate Change.

Click here for full EBR notice.