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ChemSec – SIN List Updated

“Since 2008 the SIN List has been highlighting chemicals of high concern that are likely to be subject to future EU regulation, and as a result it has been recognised as an important driver for innovation. Today´s update lists an additional 28 chemicals for priority action and takes one step further by launching SINimilarity – a tool for identifying SIN-like chemicals and thereby avoiding non-sustainable substitution.

In recent decades a number of hazardous chemicals have been put under the spotlight and become a target for regulatory action and phase-out. This has often been successful, but in some cases the substitutes have later been shown to have similar hazardous properties as the problematic chemicals they replaced. Finding ways to avoid this and enable chemical substitution to spur sustainable innovation will be discussed today in Brussels at a conference entitled “SINnovation – keys for the future”.”

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All new substances added to SIN List