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Water Security Agency – 2015/2016 Annual Report

“This annual report for the Water Security Agency presents the Agency’s results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. It provides results of publicly committed strategies, key actions and performance measures identified in the Water Security Agency’s Plan for 2015-16. It also reflects progress toward commitments from the Government Direction for 2015-16: Keeping Saskatchewan Strong,the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth –Vision 2020 and Beyond, throne speeches and other commitments of the Agency.

The annual report demonstrates the Ministry’s commitment to effective public performance reporting, transparency and accountability to the public.

In October 2012, Government introduced the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth, as well as the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan, which established the Water Security Agency. The Water Security Agency implements the 25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan, providing a sustainable approach to water use that will protect the quality and quantity of water now and for the future.

This 2015-16 Annual Report is presented in relation to the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth.

Appendix A of this Plan, toward “water supporting economic growth, quality of life and environmental well-being”.

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