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In memory of a member of the CASF board of directors we recently lost

By 25 October 2023News
Danielle Miousse


CASF would like to acknowledge and pay tribute to the career and life of Danielle Miousse PhD Electrochemist who sadly passed away this summer of 2023, her commitments to passing on her knowledge to fellow chemists and those coworkers new to electroplating in various roles in the plants where she worked.  A true skill and selfless personality trait that Danielle had, as her dear friend Richard described.  A woman in a technical field of work whose roles are mostly occupied by men, she was an exception.  I should note we have a few exceptions to this rule in CASF, important roles filled by woman with expertise in their fields.

In her career Danielle worked in Aerospace, General Plating, Environmental projects, Anodizing, Waste treatment, Electroless Nickel, and Pollution prevention.  She managed, trained, taught, researched, developed courses and much more. Yet she spent countless hours devoting time for several non-profit organizations including “The Quebec Order of Chemists” where she was on the executive committee.

Barely touching on 30 years old she became secretary for the AESF Montreal Branch when Richard Thibodeau was branch President.  For him she was Miss Efficiency; she was that type of person to whom you give a task and forget about it, you knew it would get done.  Five years later she became President of the Branch and she actually was the last President as AESF merged with CAMF and MFSA in 2007 to create the CASF we know today.

Danielle was also very much a leader.  She was also very much a driver of training programs that CASF had ongoing for our colleagues in electroplating, courses prepared and taught in both English and French.  Danielle sadly and unexpectedly passed away earlier this summer.  Danielle will be missed by those colleagues she has known for longer and those more recently lucky enough to work with her and be taught by her.  The ethic she applied to carving out time for those around her is a template for all of us.