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Network Environmental

Network Environmental Services Inc. (Network) was formed in 1989 to fulfill a need for efficient, economical and reliable waste management services to industry. Network has since developed experience and expertise in Canada and the United States for handling of both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, while continually striving to minimize costs and offer quick and efficient service. Network is committed to provide full service to its customers, and this is where our knowledge in all aspects of waste management is paramount.

Network Materials and Resources Inc. (NMR) was created in 1994 to expand the developmental horizons of new markets which will create reuse/recycle options for materials currently handled as wastes. NMR is dedicated to the reuse of by-products and recycling of wastes utilizing the same full service goals with the lowest economical barriers. Full service provides total co-ordination encompassing detailed stream and material analysis and characterization, transportation requirements and determination of the best appropriate reuse/recycle or disposal technology for each specific material. Network/NMR only utilizes the services of fully permitted and licensed treatment, storage and disposal facilities unless a recycling/reuse option is exempt under applicable regulations. Materials are handled in audited processes to ensure they meet all environmental regulations and standards. All transportation services are provided by transporters who carry all required insurance and permits and meet our standards of service and knowledge of material handling.

Network Environmental and NMR truly offer clients a creative alternative to materials management with an emphasis on service, cost and liability. We understand the issues that are important to you and we are prepared to meet your industrial waste challenge.

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