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Kontek Ecology Systems Inc.

Industrial Water & Wastewater Processing Technologies

Kontek Process Water Management is a well-established privately owned Canadian company with primary offices and manufacturing facilities located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Since 1980, we have provided cutting-edge technology solutions to satisfy our customers’ environmental and water purification objectives. The Kontek team is comprised of chemists and engineers with years of direct experience in the industries that we serve. Our systems are designed with explicit knowledge of a customer’s process chemistry and wastewater composition. The four cornerstones of Kontek are its process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and automation, and service departments. Continuous improvements are developed and implemented on a constant basis, to advance each system’s functionality, reliability, and performance.

Kontek Ecology Systems specializes in providing technologically superior wastewater recovery
and treatment systems tailored to our customers’unique requirements. For over 35 years Kontek has been engineering ways to return industry’s wastewater back to nature or to recover it for re-use. Our experience ensures superior process water management performance at every step from system design and engineering to manufacturing, installation and service.

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3250 Harvester Road, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Phone 2