Membership Benefits

  • CASF Corporate Member benefits and privileges extend to all employees of a member organization
  • All CASF dues stay within Canada to promote our businesses and our industry
  • Member access to interactive and informative CASF website and associated online benefits
  • Educational events and courses such as CASF sponsored Lunch & Learns (held Canada-wide), scholarships, CEF, Bright Design Challenge, etc.
  • Exclusive online Surface Finishing Resource Guide available at
  • Access to industry mentors
  • Networking opportunities through industry events and educational forums
  • Online Member Directory
  • Environmental and Regulatory discussions and Forums organized by CASF
  • Biennial CASF Conference
  • Advocacy and regulatory support and improved government relations by our CASF Government Liaison
  • News, regulatory, and industry updates on the Surface Finishing Industry
  • Partnership with other industry associations and associated benefits
  • Access to educational tools and services
  • Social media feeds such as Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Experienced volunteer Board of Directors meets quarterly with a goal to provide member value and membership growth
  • CASF is Canada’s only industry association responsible for the promotion, growth, and advocacy of the surface finishing industry

Member Categories

The following membership categories exist for CASF – Corporate, Individual and Educational:

Corporate Members

Those business entities engaged in surface finishing, in the manufacture, sale and/or distribution or development of equipment, materials or processes used in surface finishing. Supplier dues are based on annual sales revenue.

Job Shop/Captive Shop
Open to job and captive shop companies whose primary business consists of one of the various chemical and physical processes which change the surface of a product to enhance its appearance (decorative), increase its corrosion resistance or produce surface characteristics essential for subsequent operations (functional) and are associated with the Surface Finishing Industry.

Professional Services Provider
Any person or business entity that provides professional services to the surface industry or surface finishing suppliers and job/captive shops. These include business representatives and consultants in areas such as environmental services, legal services, manufacturing and business consultants.

Individual Members

Individual Membership
Any person involved in the surface finishing industry that does not belong to any Supplier, Job/Captive shop, or Educational category.

Educational / Institutional Members

Any person enrolled in or an employee of an educational or higher learning institutions and not-for-profit organizations. One membership covers all faculty, administrators, educators, etc. within an institution. Students qualify for a discounted individual membership within this membership category.

HST will be added to all membership purchases

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