November 16th, 2022 | Hyatt Place, Mississauga ON

Emerging Stronger Together

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Share the topic of the conference with your teams and let’s strengthen our industry.

Canadian Association for Surface Finishing invites you all for the biennial conference to be held on November 16th, 2022 at the Hyatt Place Mississauga.

The CASF Conference is an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss with fellow industry finishers, suppliers, government officials and environmental and technical experts common practices, concerns regarding the numerous regulations (existing and coming) and how they will affect your company and our industry.

You and your company have the opportunity to build upon your professional networks and this is critical to adapting in a manufacturing economy that is facing both change and uncertainty. High level, expert guest speakers will drive discussions on industry trends, supply chain disruptions, environmental legislation, and how this is impacting our industry and workforce. The opportunity to meet in person to discuss these topics with others from the industry is at the heart of the conference and will give your company insight in identifying how to emerge through these uncertainties successfully.