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MAR-Tech is a state of the art chemical supplier with exceptional service. The Regional office was established in 2001 and is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our manufacturing is of the highest quality and standards and our products are second to none in the general metal finishing industry. We are focused on providing the industry with specific products which contribute to the Functional, Decorative, PCB and automated equipment of many end users. Our mission statement at MAR-Tech Holdings Inc. is to be flexible to current conditions as well provide superior service and products at competitive prices to meet our customer’s needs.

COVENTYA develops and supplies specialty chemicals for surface finishing in over 60 countries and 5 continents. Our customers include both captive surface treatment and job shop platers that capitalize on our innovative technology, responsive service and numerous OEM product approvals.

With a full line of products that find use in many industries from automobiles and oil fields to computers and fashion it is clear that Coventya products touch our lives each and every day. What makes COVENTYA stand out? The very nature of the electroplating industry requires a continuous blend of pure science and practical field experience. Our Research Chemists and Technical Engineers constantly communicate with our Customers to maximize the exchange of information. Wherever located, our teams enjoy sharing knowledge with you, a principle that is fundamental to our business model.

Beyond the role of a specialty chemicals supplier, COVENTYA is the friendly expert in electroplating and water treatment with a 360° vision on the environment and the resources consumed. We constantly strive to enhance surface treatment with innovative, easy to use and environmentally friendly processes. We are a responsible supplier. As a steward of the environment our products are designed to be “green” and we support them with a full Watercare product line that ensures our customers can meet the same commitment.

Concentric Geoscience Inc. is a geo-environmental services firm with diverse expertise that allows us to interpret geosystems in any corner of Canada for varying sectors and client needs. We are a partner of Concentric Associates, a multi-disciplinary engineering firm focused on buildings and the environment.

A world leader in surface finishing additives,Columbia Chemical develops and manufactures unique and environmentally friendly processes, from pre-plate to post-plate, including cleaners and acid inhibitors to brighteners, chromates, topcoats and finishing aids.Columbia has recently expanded its product line into the decorative finishing market. Proud to be 100% employee-owned and ISO 9001:2008 approved, our 44,000-sq-ft headquarters in Brunswick,Ohio houses manufacturing, R & D, technical support and customer service under one roof. Founded in 1975, we specialize in developing high quality plating processes and products for the metal finishing industry. Today, Columbia Chemical offers a complete line of proprietary products from pre-treatment to post-treatment. Whether it’s zinc and zinc alloy plating processes, EN, or decorative processes, we’ve got the products and people to support your needs. Innovative R&D, quality manufacturing, and industry-leading customer service and technical support are what have defined us for 4 decades. We’re proud to be celebrating 40 years as a trusted supplier to our partners and customers around the world and 10 years as an employee-owned company.

Since our beginnings, we have been able to develop renowned expertise and service. The quality of our veneer, the flexibility of our production line and our ability to respond quickly to our customers make us a must in the field. Today, our expansion continues to meet the needs of the hundreds of customers in Quebec’s manufacturing industry who call on our services.

Dragun Corporation’s focus since our founding in 1988 has been solving complex soil and groundwater challenges. From Peer Reviews, to Remediation and Litigation Support we never choose standard, off-the-shelf approaches. Nor do we blindly follow what regulators recommend. Our job is to find solutions to environmental issues that keep our clients compliant, operating, and profitable, while minimizing their expenses and liabilities.

Hunter Chemical is an ISO9001:2008 certified supplier of nickel, cobalt and chrome based chemicals for metal finishing and other industrial applications. Hunter is one of the largest suppliers of chromic acid to the metal finishing industry in North America, shipping from multiple warehouses in U.S. and Canada. Hunter produces its proprietary PFOS-Free fume suppressant in multiple formulations: HCA-8.1, high concentration HCA-8.2, and HCA-8.2D with defoamer.