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Airzone One has offered these air quality services since 1979 in current and predecessor firms. We are your loyal environmental partner to identify and manage your everyday compliance needs regarding:

• Air permitting applications and reporting (ECAs, NPRI, TRA, GHGs, ChemTRAC and O. Reg. 127)
• Ambient monitoring and dispersion modelling,
• Occupational health and hygiene (OHS) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues such as employee exposures to chemicals, physical agents and noise, designated substance assessments and related safety issues.

Our clients in the surface finish sector include zinc galvanizing, chromium and nickel electroplating, electrolytic etching of stainless steel and PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings.

Airzone One has the ability to uniquely serve many of your air quality needs. Our capabilities in air sampling, analysis, federal/provincial emissions reporting and dispersion modelling allow us to deal with most client needs completely in-house. Take a more detailed look at the services we provide in our modelling, lab, air quality, and OH&S departments on our website at

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