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  • Water Efficient Landscaping

    For companies looking to improve their Sustainable efforts. Water-Efficient Landscaping can help: Save Water, Energy and Money; plus it can Attract Birds, Butterflies and Attention! Resource: Ontario Clean Water Agency.  (n.d.).  Beautiful lawns and gardens through water-efficient landscaping.  Retrieved from  

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  • EMC and NRCAN – Energy Summit

    MARCH 31, 2014 Ι ENERGY SUMMIT MAY 14 & 15 NIAGARA FALLS, ON “Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) in partnership with Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Industrial Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) is bringing together the country’s leading energy subject-matter-experts, industry leaders and energy efficiency suppliers, to share best practices and the latest innovations […]

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  • The Bright Design Challenge

    Spring 2013 | Detroit,MI The Bright Design Challenge, sponsored by the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) and the Canadian Association for Surface Finsihing (CASF) is a lively, spirited design competition that connects young designers with major OEM design studios such as Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Polaris, Bombardier, and Ford Motor Co. The winners of the […]

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