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L’ACTS joue un rôle de plaidoyer important en travaillant avec tous les paliers de gouvernement sur les dossiers touchant notre industrie. Une voix pour tous les finisseurs de surface, les fournisseurs et les particuliers.

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CASF - We help members' businesses succeed

Nous contribuons à la réussite
des entreprises de nos membres

Pour ce faire, nous offrons des services à valeur ajoutée qui comprennent des événements de réseautage, des programmes de marketing et des ressources de formation pour nos membres.

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CASF - We help our industry succeed

Nous contribuons à la réussite
de notre industrie

En assurant un lien direct avec le gouvernement, les agences environnementales et l’industrie, nous aidons nos membres à comprendre les changements qui affectent notre secteur d’activité et défendons les droits de nos membres.



  • Ontario’s Fair Hydro Plan

    As per the Ministry of Energy « starting this summer, electricity bills will be reduced 25 on average for households across Ontario. »  This will be beneficial to many small businesses and farms! « Bills won’t increase beyond rate of inflation for four years. » Read here for more information from Ministry of Energy. Read here for other information. […]

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  • Ontario, Quebec sign climate policy deal with Mexico

    In a article published August 31, 2016 in the Globe and Mail it was noted that Ontario and Quebec has signed an agreement with the Mexican government to jointly develop carbon markets.  The aim is to allow companies in those provinces to purchase GHG reduction credits from Mexico so they can satisfy provincially regulated emission […]

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  • Regulatory Cooperation Council 2016 Work Plan Update: Chemicals Management

    Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has published the Regulatory Cooperation Council 2016 Work Plan update on Chemicals Management. This is joint effort on Chemicals Management between ECCC, Health Canada and the US Environmental Protection Agency. Their objectives are to reduce risk to humans and the environment posed by chemicals.  To meet their objectives they […]

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