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  • NPRI Reporting Changes Calendar Year 2018 & 2019

    février 12, 2018  -  Canada

    Environment and Climate Change Canada have published a change in Canada Gazette, Vol. 152, No. 3 dated January 20, 2018 with respect to reporting hexavalent chromium (and its compounds).

    PART 1


    7. Despite subsection 6(1), a person subject to the Chromium Electroplating, Chromium Anodizing and Reverse Etching Regulations (SOR/2009-162) for a facility during a given calendar year shall report information pertaining to that facility, with respect to that calendar year, in relation to hexavalent chromium (and its compounds).

    See full Gazette Notice for all reporting obligations.

  • Ontario Food and Organic Waste Framework

    février 07, 2018  -  Ontario

    The province has developed a proposed Food and Organic Waste Framework (“Framework”). Together with the Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building a Circular Economy and Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan, the proposed Framework will help Ontario build a circular economy and fight climate change. The Framework consists of two complementary components:

    Part A: Proposed Food and Organic Waste Action Plan which outlines strategic commitments to be taken by the province to address food and organic waste; and,

    Part B: Proposed Food and Organic Waste Policy Statement under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016, which provides direction to the province, municipalities, producers, IC&I sector, waste management sector, and others to further the provincial interest in waste reduction and resource recovery as it relates to food and organic waste.

    Ontario is shifting to a circular economy — a system in which materials are never discarded, but reused or recycled into new products and reintegrated into the market. Managing our resources more effectively will benefit Ontarians, our environment and the economy. It will help Ontario fight climate change and achieve its goals of a zero waste future with zero greenhouse gases from the waste sector, as set out in the Strategy for a Waste-Free Ontario: Building the Circular Economy, released in February 2017.

    EBR Registry Number: 013-1814
    Ministry: Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
    Date Proposal loaded to the Registry: November 16, 2017

  • février 02, 2018  -  Canada



    ACT, 1999

    Notice with respect to reporting of greenhouse gases (GHGs) for 2017

    Notice is hereby given, pursuant to subsection 46(1) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (the Act), that, with respect to emissions of GHGs identified in Schedule 1 to this notice and for the purpose of conducting research, creating an inventory of data, formulating objectives and codes of practice, issuing guidelines or assessing or reporting on the state of the environment, any person who operates a facility described in Schedule 3 to this notice during the 2017 calendar year, and who possesses or who may reasonably be expected to have access to information described in Schedules 4 through 11 to this notice, shall provide the Minister of Environment with this information no later than June 1, 2018.

    Source: Canada Gazette, Vol. 151, No. 52, OTTAWA, Saturday, December 30, 2017

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