• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability

    June 25, 2018  -  Energy & Sustainability, Handbooks & Guidebooks

    As per the Government of Canada:
    "Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada promotes CSR principles and practices to Canadian businesses because it makes companies more innovative, productive, and competitive. CSR helps make Canadian business more competitive by supporting operational efficiency gains; improved risk management; favourable relations with the investment community and improved access to capital; enhanced employee relations; stronger relationships with communities and an enhanced licence to operate; and improved reputation and branding."

    Government of Canada. (2011). Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Retrieved from

  • Natural Resources Canada (NRC) – Energy

    September 15, 2014  -  Energy & Sustainability

    "Energy is critically important to the Canadian economy as Canada is among the largest energy producers and the highest per-capita energy consumers in the world because of our climate and resources. Thus, the secure and sustainable production and use of our energy resources presents many challenges and opportunities for Canadians."

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